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Medicine Muse

     Medicine Muse offers all 1 HOUR GROUP classes and workshops for DONATIONS and is dedicated to providing access to healthy lifestyle choices that include Holistic Modalities, organic herbs and remedies, as well as alternative and natural approaches to healing that will meet the needs of each individual client.

     While healing one’s mind, body and spirit with no judgement, pure intention, as well as spiritual based practices and modalities, each client is evaluated and treated for their highest best and individual needs. All organic and natural herbs and remedies are used for the overall well being of each client's healing process. 

"We are here to make a difference this life. Healing humanity one soul at a time through Alternative medicine, Holistic healing, Ancestral teachings, Multi-Dimensional sound frequencies, and all the in between according to Creator's will!"

- Medicine Muse

Upcoming Events

Please visit us on Facebook @MedicineMuse as we are getting our calendar updated and shuffled. Thank you for the understanding and we look forward to connecting with you!

Alternative Tribal

Sound Healings

JULY 2nd: @ The Niche in Ammon, ID

Starting at 7PM

Bring water, light blanket and a small pillow to 2890 E 14 N Suite B and receive the channeled healing for YOU during this time or need and transformation!

To help expand Medicine Muse and our mission in helping others along their path of healing in our communities and around the World, click the "Donate" link below to make your donation for your group session. 

Thank you for your donation! Your help and  believing in us to make a difference and assist the ascension process means so much to us! Sending infinite love, light and blessings to you on your path of ascension! We are blessed and honored in sharing the healing you need from the guidance of your guides and ancestors.

~A'ho. Namaste. Agape. 


Please visit us on Facebook @MedicineMuse as we are getting our calendar updated and shuffled. Thank you for the understanding and we look forward to connecting with you!


Nichelle Moonshadow is founder and owner of Medicine Muse in Idaho Falls, ID and host of the annual “Oneness Loveness Fest”. As an open channel to higher dimensions and light beings, she strives to end suffering for Divine Universe and all living beings through love, healing and ancestral medicine. Whether it's through her one-on-one healings or her mentorships and courses, she targets one's COMPLETE Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions, with her "team": Spirit, ancestors and her guides, to heal according to Creator's will. 

As an intuitive, spiritual and esoteric conduit, mentor and life coach, she practices and teaches many different spirit guided modalities/practices and offers many healings for those who's soul's are ready to ascend and integrate into their next phases. ALL levels, beginners to advanced, along their spiritual and healing journey.

One of Moonshadow's soul's missions this lifetime is to carry forth Grandmother Medicine of the Spider and web humanity worldwide to help bring the people to higher dimension and frequency of living and co-creating the beautiful existence we were placed here to have with one another.

As Moonshadow comes from a long lineage of medicine and healing, she is passing the ancestral ways down to her 4 children to continue the families work. Or maybe they are passing it to her... ~A'ho

Truth love and light world, my name is Elyjah. Thank you so much for taking time to learn more about me. In my heart and soul I believe in one main message that governs my entire journey which is self empowerment, self love and healing through sound and movement. Each of us are on our own special and unique journeys and we all have an incredible lesson and gifts to teach the world through our personal stories. Over many years on a long path of searching I finally understand the truth that matriarchy must return to our planet. We all arrived here through the Stargate also known as the womb so I always seek to pay homage to the goddess and her great energy. My purpose is to spread knowledge, truth, and love through music and sharing my story with the world. I do this in order to teach others that the same God we often seek outside of ourselves lives within our hearts and souls and must be remembered instead of learned. I am currently a music teacher public speaker and live performer that seeks to serve humanity through the gift of music. May the ancestors continue to guide you on your journey. Namaste! 



Idaho Falls, ID 83404

Tel: 208 - 701 - 4289


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