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Medicine Muse

     Medicine Muse offers a well-rounded variety of donation based GROUP classes, workshops and individual healings for the dedication to providing access to healthy lifestyle choices that include Holistic Modalities, organic herbs and remedies, as well as alternative and natural approaches to healing that will meet the needs of each individual client.

     While healing one’s mind, body and spirit with no judgement, pure intention, as well as spiritual based practices and modalities, each client is evaluated and treated for their highest best and individual needs. All organic and natural herbs and remedies are used for the overall well being of each client's healing process. 

"We are here to make a difference this life. Healing humanity one soul at a time through Alternative medicine, Holistic healing, Ancestral teachings, Multi-Dimensional sound frequencies, and all the in between according to Creator's will!"

- Medicine Muse

Upcoming Events

Please visit us on Facebook @MedicineMuse as we are getting our calendar updated and shuffled. Thank you for the understanding and we look forward to connecting with you!

Sacred Frequency Activation

SEPTEMBER 2nd: @ The Niche in Ammon, ID

Starting at 7PM

Ryder Park in Idaho Falls, ID off the Sunnyside Exit

*Bring water, blanket and/or mat, small pillow, and open hearts that are ready to receive your activation and healing!

We have come to a point in time where the great divide is happening. Within these magical and trying times, we get to make the choice to ascend and evolve or disconnect and remain stuck in the 3rd dimension.
These two sacred, power couples have been brought back together this lifetime to share medicine and healing in the assistance of raising the vibration of humanity and the conscious awareness of individuals for their process.
Join them September 2nd at 7 p.m. in Idaho Falls at Ryder Park to receive this very unique, special and one-of-a-kind activation being channeled from higher dimensional light beings!


"We have been waiting for quiet some time to receive permission to finally bring this collaboration to the people. We love you all and can't wait to deliver your required activations!" -NM

This is an open activation that anyone is welcome to that is being called to receive the downloads and evolve!

We will be holding a pot luck before this Sacred Frequency Activation. We invite our community to come unite and connect with soul family and don't forget to bring your favorite dish from 5:45/6 PM to 6:45/7 PM!

There is a suggested donation of $20 per person for this Sacred Frequency Activation.

Alternative Tribal

Sound Healings

SEPTEMBER 3rd: @ The Niche in Ammon, ID

Starting at 8PM

Bring water, light blanket and a small pillow to 2890 E 14 N Suite B and receive the channeled healing for YOU during this time or need and transformation!

SEPTEMBER 17th: @ Red Thread Holistics in Idaho Falls, ID

Starting at 7:30PM

Bring water, light blanket and a small pillow to 635 S. Woodruff Ave.

and receive the channeled healing for YOU during this time or need and transformation!

To help expand Medicine Muse and our mission in helping others along their path of healing in our communities and around the World, click the "Donate" link below to make your donation for your group session. 

Thank you for your donation! Your help and  believing in us to make a difference and assist the ascension process means so much to us! Sending infinite love, light and blessings to you on your path of ascension! We are blessed and honored in sharing the healing you need from the guidance of your guides and ancestors.

~A'ho. Namaste. Agape. 


For virtual option to this event, please contact Nichelle Moonshadow to get your virtual sign up information completed by selecting the "Virtual" option in the registration form below!


@ Servant's Heart in Idaho Falls, ID

Starting at 1PM-2PM

1501 Northgate Mile


Only you can call in and accept the blocks in your life placed there by you based from fear and comfortability. No matter the detriment or strain it puts on our soul.

Moonshadow will be walking you all thru the steps to acknowledge the stages of evolution and successful transformation to higher levels of consciousness and ascension!

This is a donation based class to ensure anyone and everyone has the opportunity to be educated on how to end and heal their own cycles.

Suggested minimum donation is $20 per person.

Can't wait to see you and start making changes in your cycles for the best interest of your souls evolution!

SEPTEMBER 13th: "Muscle Testing"

@ Servant's Heart in Idaho Falls, ID

Starting at 2:30PM - 3:30PM

1501 Northgate Mile

I have discovered time after time that many individuals either; do not know how to muscle test, never heard of it, or they do not trust their own divining. This is a very important skill to be able to use on a regular basis!

In this workshop, Moonshadow will be teaching multiple different ways on how to "divine" or connect with your higher self and YOUR INDIVIDUAL TRUTH for your highest best, according to Creator's will. She will also assist each guest with the method that works best for them in defining accurate results.

"The heart, the soul, the body, are all organic, pure sources. The mind is not. That's why it is so easy for us to lie to even ourselves. But through muscle testing, you will never have to question yourself once we break your self trust barrier! There is no excuse to no longer know your own truth!"-NM

Please bring a pendulum or something similar that dangles to be used as a pendulum.

$20 per person.

SEPTEMBER 14th: "Expansive Chakra Alignment:

Meditation and Healing"

@ Servant's Heart in Idaho Falls, ID

Starting at 12PM - 1:30PM

1501 Northgate Mile

The great divide is currently happening. Are you ready to expand and align to be open for the fifth dimensional integration that you should and you need to be experiencing?!

Nichelle Moonshadow will be guiding us in an extensive and expansive, deep Chakra Meditation and Group Healing to do just that AND MORE!

She will work through your core 7 Chakras and help open them to serve your highest best.
She will also be going BEYOND those 7 core and foundational chakras to go into the 5th dimension and opening UP TO your 22ND CHAKRA in this 90 MINUTE MEDITATION! This deep meditation is for those that are ready to get R.E.A.L. and ascend to their next level of their soul's evolution!

Looking forward to having you all as always! Please remember to be bringing your open hearts, open minds and divine inner beings! Feel free to bring a yoga mat and/or blanket for this meditation... Invite more brothers and sisters that you know need the assistance with this integration happening!

$44 per person!


This is normally a private service offered at Medicine Muse for $150 with Moonshadow.

What are emotions? How do they serve my soul or how do they create blocks within my human experiences? How do INTEGRATE these emotions that I have never been taught to process AND all these new emotions coming up I can't identify?

In this 120 minute workshop and healing you will learn about the emotional body and how to work with your specific sacred space in connecting with that piece of YOU!

Moonshadow will also be guiding you through a meditation in accessing YOUR emotions and helping reprogram the emotional body to what serves YOUR HIGHEST BEST AND PURE LIGHT BEING!

This workshop and group healing is ONLY $20!

SEPTEMBER 14th: "Emotional Break-Down"

@ Servant's Heart in Idaho Falls, ID

Starting at 6PM - 8PM

1501 Northgate Mile

SEPTEMBER 15th: Women's Dinner

in Idaho Falls, ID

Starting at 6:30PM

This dinner is designed for ANY and ALL women to come together and build community. As Mom's, Friends, Sisters, Wives, Daughters, Goddesses, Queens and all the in between EVERY 3RD TUESDAY OF THE MONTH. We need to have a space where we feel supported by other strong women! Recharged and revitalized to be our best and most powerful stargates we can be! Start becoming united and empower one another the way we should be! What better way to enjoy gathering with familiar, meeting new, eating good food, and exchanging great vibes and conversation!

(Location will be in Idaho Falls and will be announced in the discussion board of this event.)

**PLEASE INVITE AND SHARE!!! We encourage as many women as possible! It's time ladies!!! Do be mindful and respectful of the new health precautions if you plan to attend for the security of our fellow sister queens.

**RSVP is NEEDED for reservation headcount NO LATER than 24 hours BEFORE the dinner date.

*No entry fee! You are responsible for your own meal and beverages.

SEPTEMBER 20th: "Etheric Cord Removal"

@ Servant's Heart in Idaho Falls, ID

Starting at 1PM - 2PM

1501 Northgate Mile

"What is "Cord Removal"?  "How do I know if this is what I need?"  "ANY attachment is a cord!?"

What’s the difference between Cord Cutting vs Cord PULLING or DISSOLVING? Which is better and how do you know which to use?

Learn what Cord Removal is and the difference between cutting and pulling with Nichelle Moonshadow at Servant's Heart on September 20th at 1 PM. The benefits of removing these blocks and clearing the unhealthy entanglements are crucial for your growth!

At Medicine Muse we strive to make our classes and workshops available to EVERYONE in order to help and educate all that need it for the healthy growth of their mind, body and spirit!

We kindly ask that a suggested donation of $20 be made to keep our Teachings and Healings going. Thank you! We appreciate and love you!

SEPTEMBER 21st: "Manifest-Station"

@ Servant's Heart in Idaho Falls, ID

Starting at 5PM - 6:30PM

1501 Northgate Mile

Removing Blockages & Manifestation Creation:
Manifesting is one gift we are each born with. Whether we practice it or not is up to us to properly care for and maintain healthy habits.

Come find out how ALL OUR NEEDS can be manifested in less than 15 minutes (Consciously, subconsciously, constructively and destructively)! Nichelle Moonshadow will be teaching you on how to know all the differences! She will be sharing how to remove the blocks that prohibit your Manifestation Creation access and the do's and dont's for a healthy manifestation practice.

This workshop is ONLY $20 per person!

SEPTEMBER 24th: "Music Meditation Movement"

@ The Niche in Ammon, ID

Starting at 7PM

2890 E 14 N Suite B

Music Meditation Movement is a great opportunity for EVERYONE to reconnect AND charge their deepest, purest, transcendent self! Through movement, tones, healing, fearlessness and love, this workshop will assist with more than just connecting with your authentic self... It will also:
• Open and/or expand your clair's
• Restore and replenish your 4 Sacred Bodies
• Release and Heal blocks that have been hiding
• Reconnect communication with your mind, body, spirit and emotions
• Activate strands of DNA


Nichelle Moonshadow and Nicki Thiel will be guiding you through this beautiful experience while helping with breath work and Free flow movement techniques. Both Light Beings have danced from young ages into their adult lives with implementation of healing modalities and teachings from each of their practices and professions.

**This event is NOT RESTRICTED for ANY BODY!**

Be sure to wear comfortable, easy to move in clothing that won't be restrictive for your healing experience. Water bottles are encouraged to keep hydrated.


SEPTEMBER 27th: "Connecting & Integrating YOUR Feminine Tantric Being"

@ Servant's Heart in Idaho Falls, ID

Starting at 11AM - 5PM

(Lunch from 1:30pm-2:30pm)

1501 Northgate Mile

To most of you, you think the word "Tantric" is a direct relevancy to sex. Though we will be discussing the feminine sexual energy and source, this is misled information and Western programming to think it's all about sex.
We will be diving into YOUR Stargate and your TRUE TANTRIC SELF in a sequence of toning, movement, meditation, breathing, variety of healing modalities and practices, class information and discussion, and MOREto unlock the true essence of being a woman and all its faucets!

This is a 1/2 DAY WORKSHOP to fully be able to reconnect and ground into our powerful essence as a women, as Stargates, as warriors, as Queens, but most importantly, as healers.


For this ONE TIME ONLY, Moonshadow will be taking 44% OFF for EVERYONE to attend that is hearing the calling!

Lunch WILL also be INCLUDED in the DISCOUNTED PRICE FOR ONLY $199 per person!!!

*Please notify Nichelle of any food allergies or diet restrictions at time of registration.

Do NOT miss this opportunity sisters! Get registered TODAY!
$20 is due at time of registration to hold your spot.

SPECIAL "THANK YOU!" to our proud sponsors at Servant's Heart in Idaho Falls for providing space for us at Medicine Muse to provide classes, workshops, healing's and MORE for the betterment of humanity and those walking our path's of ascension and healing journey's!
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Nichelle Moonshadow is founder and owner of Medicine Muse in Idaho Falls, ID and host of the annual “Oneness Loveness Fest”. As an open channel to higher dimensions and light beings, she strives to end suffering for Divine Universe and all living beings through love, healing and ancestral medicine. Whether it's through her one-on-one healings or her mentorships and courses, she targets one's COMPLETE Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotions, with her "team": Spirit, ancestors and her guides, to heal according to Creator's will. 

As an intuitive, spiritual and esoteric conduit, mentor and life coach, she practices and teaches many different spirit guided modalities/practices and offers many healings for those who's soul's are ready to ascend and integrate into their next phases. ALL levels, beginners to advanced, along their spiritual and healing journey.

One of Moonshadow's soul's missions this lifetime is to carry forth Grandmother Medicine of the Spider and web humanity worldwide to help bring the people to higher dimension and frequency of living and co-creating the beautiful existence we were placed here to have with one another.

As Moonshadow comes from a long lineage of medicine and healing, she is passing the ancestral ways down to her 4 children to continue the families work. Or maybe they are passing it to her... ~A'ho

Truth love and light world, my name is Elyjah. Thank you so much for taking time to learn more about me. In my heart and soul I believe in one main message that governs my entire journey which is self empowerment, self love and healing through sound and movement. Each of us are on our own special and unique journeys and we all have an incredible lesson and gifts to teach the world through our personal stories. Over many years on a long path of searching I finally understand the truth that matriarchy must return to our planet. We all arrived here through the Stargate also known as the womb so I always seek to pay homage to the goddess and her great energy. My purpose is to spread knowledge, truth, and love through music and sharing my story with the world. I do this in order to teach others that the same God we often seek outside of ourselves lives within our hearts and souls and must be remembered instead of learned. I am currently a music teacher public speaker and live performer that seeks to serve humanity through the gift of music. May the ancestors continue to guide you on your journey. Namaste! 



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